Creating a tree view Hierarchy for groups and sub groups...??

i have installed elgg to my system.  also added a AU Subgroups plugin. Wish to create a tree view hierarchy which shows all the groups and sub-group of a particular user Login .. please Help me out (step by step)... Im new to elgg . . .

For example if a group ABC engineering college have sub group as Faculties ,mtec btec and each sub groups have Class of 2005,class of 2006 and all...

  • im w8ing for an answer....!!! :( please help me out ? ??

  • There's a lot of steps, more than would be simple to write out here.

    I suggest you familiarize yourself with Elgg first, the views system in particular.

    Then you need to inspect the au_subgroups plugin to see how the groups are related, and how to get a list of child-groups.  Then you need to use that to create a recursive function to build the tree, and render it using something like the jstree.  See the pages plugin for an example of that.

  • i have written a code to get details of groups which are joined by the user ... but how to differentiate between child and parent...? please help me out for that...


    function groups_yours_menu() {

        $viewer = elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity();

        //read viewer's groups
        $content = elgg_get_entities_from_relationship(array(
            'type' => 'group',
            'relationship' => 'member',
            'relationship_guid' => elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid(),
            'inverse_relationship' => false,
            'limit' => 0,
        //create array of entries ($content object had duplicate entries, array keys prevent duplicates (sry for being lazy)
        $groupmenu_array = Array();
        foreach ($content as $mygroup) {
            $groupmenu_array[(string)$mygroup->get('guid')] = $mygroup->get('name');
            //print_r ($mygroup);

        //sort array while keeping the IDs
        //create HTML code out of array
        foreach ($groupmenu_array as $group_guid=>$group_name) {
            $groupmenu .= '<div>'.elgg_view('output/url', array('href' => "groups/profile/$group_guid",'text' => $group_name,    'is_trusted' => true,)).'</a></div>';
        //add wrapping divs around menu and logo (</a> to close link generated by register_menu_item)
        /*$groupmenu = '</a><div id="topbar-mygroups" style="height:22px;">'. elgg_view('output/url', array('href' => "groups/member/{$viewer->username}",'text' => elgg_view_icon('share'), 'is_trusted' => true, 'title' => 'Your groups')) . '<div id="topbar-groupmenu" style="display:none; position:absolute; background-color:#EEEEEE; white-space:nowrap; padding:3px; margin-top: 4px;">' . $groupmenu . '</div></div><a>';*/
        //adding the new menu to the topbar
            $value = array(
            'name' => 'mygroups',
            'href' => "",
            'text' => $groupmenu,
            'title' => elgg_echo('groups:yours'),
            'priority' => 250,

      //  echo "<br><br>";
      //  var_dump($value);
        elgg_register_menu_item('site', $value);



  • Interesting...!!
    I would also like to know about it.

  • There are some functions in the plugin you can use, I don't remember them offhand but you should be able to find them by their names in lib/functions.php

    It will be something like au_subgroups_get_children($group)