Phototagging & River

I just installed Tidypics 1.6Beta4 and phototagging works great but doesn't seem to be very good integrated in Elgg. I would like riverposts like "User A tagged User B in a picture" and I would really like to see the number of photos a user has been tagged in in the profile.

Is there a link somewhere which takes me to the view with all the pictures a user has been tagged in?

  • If you click on a person's name in the "In thsi image" section, it shows you all the images that have been tagged with that person.

    Agree that we need to add a river event for tagging.

  • Ah okay, but there is no way to recognize if a user has been tagged in images unless I find an image in which the user is tagged.

    I think a link in the profile would be good, for example below the "Photos" link and "Photos of <username> <(#of photos)>" link that brings you to the view you described above.

  • the problem would occur if the person in the photo is not a member... say you tag a picture with celebrities in it or you tag an object like "my car"... the logic would become pretty complicated.

  • Why? There is already a page showing only pictures where a given person is tagged in so why not just count these pictures?