Search shows multiple entries of the same page in results

The search result page sometimes shows multiple entries of exactly the same page.

How can this be avoided, where do I need to look ?

  • Well, they are the same guids, that is why it is so strange. I would not even know how to make a single query that does that. .  

  • Are there any other plugins affecting search? (I know you're using solr, but have eliminated that as the source)

    Your theme maybe?  I'm thinking that because it's occurring both with and without the solr plugin, that it can't be the query.  If it was a query issue there is really no good reason it would work the same in both cases.  I'm thinking it must be in the search views which may be overwritten by a theme or some other plugin, and the views are outputting the dupes.

  • Hmm, interesting thought. Still very strange that a view would do that. I will take a closer look.