Come sviluppare Plugin Elgg?

Salve a tutti, sono nuovo.
Da poco ho iniziato a studiare PHP ed il framework Elgg. Sto studiando sulla documentazione ufficiale su Elgg.

Vorrei iniziare a implementare un plugin per l'inserimento dei dati utente, per esercitarmi; ma non so da dove inziare. Ho eseguito l'esempio di Hello World e mi funziona. 

Per l'inserimento dei dati non sa dove cominciare. La documentazione non spiega tutto sull'utilizzo di Elgg. La maggior parte è solo teoria.

Mi sapete come fare? Mi sapete consigliare un buon manuale,tutorial o guida sull'utilizzo di Elgg in modo che io possa impararlo ene???

Vi prego aiutatemi. Per me è importante.

Grazie a tutti.

  • There's currently some re-work going on for the documentation of Elgg (mainly the old docs from are transferred to the new site). But it's unlikely that the documentation will be getting much more detailed in the foreseeable future. For development purposes it's meant to introduce rather the general concepts and give you some starting points (examples) than dealing with every detail that might come up when developing a plugin. There's also the site that has a complete API reference.

    When starting development on Elgg plugins there is a certain learning curve and some basic knowledge in php and html coding is necessary in any case. Apart from the online docs there's also a book available ( or that gives some starting info not only on installing and configuring an Elgg site (adding new functionality also by adding existing plugins) but also gives some basic introduction on developing of Elgg plugins. It's for Elgg 1.8 but it's still valid for Elgg 1.9 (some minor details might have changed but you would be able to find the current valid info on such things either on or

    When starting developing plugins it's surely helpful to also study the code of existing plugins. You not only get an idea of how a plugin has to be built up (folder structure and how the different type of files work together) but you can also take the existing code as reference if you want to implement a similar functionality.