LF Developer for a Facebook-like site.

Hallo, i am a beginner with elgg (& programming!!) and i would really appreciate if you could assist me in developing my site. i want to create a social networking site that helps people to access economic opportunities. i want a site with the following features:

- a facebook-like registration page, home page, profile page, friends page, resume page (where members can post the personal & professional details and also upload documents to back-up eg. certificates & photos), interview page (where members can upload videos.the page should have 2 dropdowns, 1st to the various professions, then 2nd to the interview questions of the various professions), vacancies page (where members can post and view vacancies.i would prefer to have an 'apply' button on each post so that members can apply for the jobs directly), and finally the advertisement page (where members can upload videos.ALL of these videos should scroll down ALL members pages so that the advertisements can be viewed by all members).

if you are interested in the job, how much will it cost me and how long will it take you to create the site?

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Professional Services

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