Sphinx or Solr

Hey guys and girls,

I'm still working on my community before releasing it and I wanted to ask some advice before I finish it.
I need a very, very large and complicated searchengine to search on a lot of options in metadata in my community, think of: gender+eycolour+age+location+someotherfield+lenght+weight,... , some are OR and some AND.

At this moment I am nearly finished with a full blown Sphinx engine that let my user filter on anthing they wish and toggle on more filters whenever they want.
This works perfectly and very, very fast. All ajax powered and almost instant results.

However, I still didn't figure out how to handle Elgg's Access system in the searchengine, so at the moment I let Sphinx only index the public profile fields, but it would ofcourse be nice if users who specified that only their friends could see their weight, their friends could also find them by their weight.

This is not the most optimal situation, so I'd like to know what an impact it would be if I switched to Solr. I know Matt made an excellent Solr engine and I was wondering how difficult it would be to add the possibility to search for 'metadataname' versus 'metadatavalue'.

Anyone experimented with this already?


Performance and Scalability

Performance and Scalability

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