Passing this info on to other ELGGers

I don't know if this is important or not. Or if someone was trying to hack into my site or not. But I decided to pass this own to ELGGers anyways.

I went through to look at the users of my website,, I saw a guy with this email address: When I checked out what "" means, it came up with this: Crash Course in X Windows Security.

I don't know if this was a tutorial on how to hack into a site or a "white paper" on how to secure a site. Maybe someone here who is more knowledgible can figure this out.


Please don't move this discussion to another place. This might be information for everyone!

  • @Slow

    are you being really "slow" ?

    this topic belongs in the

    HackersElggalaxy ;-)



  • Whatever!

    I stopped "jumping through HOOPS" a long time ago!

    If anyone else wants to answer respond to this post, feel free. This is for everyone and not just me!

  • Hey Dhrup,

    Please provide a link to the original discussion.

    Uddhava dasa

  • @UD:

    what i meant was that this subject kinda belongs in a more sophsticated rather than "general discussion" LOL ;-)

    "SlowSoulsZ" -- she is actually being "slow" and un-sociable  in posting this here under " General"  rather than going to my "Galaxy".

    There was another ( still active thread ) about "hacking" - I am still working on stopping that loop-hole. "Slow" was invited to let me demonstrate a hacking into her site. She has not ever responded to the challenge..;-(   I can hack into her site **anytime**.

    I just have **never** ever publicized  my techniques.. because I am not here to educate hackers.. but rather block them out..

    My friend MalagaJack had a little problem with "banned" 10 year old kids still being able to hack in / get into I have the solution  code, just not implemented yet...  ( Jack's still in transit somewhere between Spain->UK ;-)

    The *proper thread for this really is --

    "Slow" most probably needs to do some soul searching re: where she wanna post heavyweight topics ! "General" is for "kids". OTher Groups ( e.g. Hackers Elggalaxy.. lol ) are for the substantive and substantial so-called "ElggXperts"...

  • Ahh i see. Ok, let's go over there.

    What can i say ? Most souls in this world are very slow... That's why they are here in this world full of the threefold miseries of life, away from Kṛṣṇa.

    So, let's go over there to continue, i got a rather strange attack today. Maybe it was you Dhrup?

    Uddhava dasa

  • Get anyone else catch the sarcasm throughout this post by him????

    If you do go to HIS GROUP, read all of the responses that he gave to me on other topics. And see just how much sarcasm I have had to put up with by him. Then read my responses. You will see which one of us needs to do some "soul searching."

    I posted something that everyone should be aware of and I got a smart ass remark in return. I guess some people need to have people continue to tell them how "cool they are" to feel good about themselves!

    He doesn't even know how much money he has LOST by his snarky attitude. I'm not the only one who has mentioned this. I am just the only one who doesn't let him talk to me any damn way he wants to. He can rarely be civil. At least not with me.

    Read his other posts. You have to drag the info from him or kiss he ass. Neither one I am willing to do!

    Most people start here so why put the post where most people would never find it only to have their site get attacked!

    P.S. Watch out for the "donate button." Because that is what I got hit with. And I can prove it. Gee, I wonder why I wouldn't want to have my pocket picked by him!

  • @Slow...

    ;-) you're way out of your safety depth..

    you really don't know me at all ...!

    I already gave you some very really smart-ass code for free ;-).. and you did not have to "kiss my ass" for that !! while others have paid up to $50/ $100  for that kind of code / advice...

    you may be a "single mother"... etc.. but how much do you you really want for $ 0 ?? while you ask people to feel pity for you ?

    A lot of people who know me better than your $0 attitude will be replying here..


    I do not get much more than $5 from my "donate" button !!!

    most of my $$$ comes from > $0 clients

  • Single mothers can get free code..?????????????????




    That's it... from now on, my name is Martha and I am a single mother!


    @Slowsoulz... knowing what Dhrup is like, I say you just need to know how to take him.. I'm sure he didn't mean to offend you with his reply..


    @Dhrup... I know this for sure, alot of people recognise and appreciate your help.


    @All.. I have jellybeans... want some?


    - Carlos



  • ¿Yo? Me gusta mi mis caramelos de goma negro y amarillo lol ;-)

    and in simpler english... LOL ;-)

    Me ? I like my my jelly beans black and yellow lol ;-)