What is a version of on-line ELGG reference?


Does this reference


belong to 1.9? ...

... or to 1.8?

Or perhaps this reference have the similar status as ELGG 1.9 "... don't use in production ..."

What is most "official" reference to 1.9? I don't ask for documentation, which is clearly


I am asking for similar as this for 1.8:


It may be possible to investigate the version from the file

but unfortunately data-like-version there does not assure which release it is

In contrary for 1.8 it is clear:

// YYYYMMDD = Elgg Date
// XX = Interim incrementer
$version = 2014012000;

// Human-friendly version name
$release = '1.8.19';

There is a human-useful stamp in file

but unfortunately it is not shown in Files menu in
"doxigen" generator.

I also tried to search this forum by keys:

 elgg reference
 elgg 1.9 reference
 elgg documentation

 post: By Cash 1040 days ago
  Did you try the Documentation link in the blue toolbar at the top of the page?

which gave no dice.

Having reference on-line without a version is nearly having nothing.

Yes, it may be possible to generate such web-site on own notebook, by
"Command file for Sphinx documentation", and if it is, where to start?

Thank you.