Can't see my newly installed event calender


Excuse my ignorance and probable stupid question but I am a newbie to Elgg and I have just installed the event calender on my very small family album site so that members of the family can book "events" on the site.

The problem is I have installed the pugin ok. I can go into settings via admin menu and alter settings etc but i cannot see the calender on front end of site.

Firstly I am running Elgg version 1.8.19. Does the plugin work ok on this version?

Secondly I am not using a default template I am using a template called Facebook Theme 1.4 by Evan Winslow which I got from

Will the plugin work with this theme?

Or have I just missed something stupid that I should do to activate the plugin so it shows on front end of site.

Any help appreciated.


  • If you're talking about the plugin event_calendar by Kevin Jardine, you need to get the latest from the full branch on github.  He hasn't been updating the versions on the community site for a while.

    I don't think he's really maintaining it at all though, I would suggest the ColdTrick plugin event_manager

    Regarding Facebook theme, I believe it was a demo theme developed early in the life of 1.8, has a number of known issues and also isn't supported.  See if disabling the theme fixes your calendar issues first.

  • Yep -- just a demo theme, hence all the wild disclaimers. It seems everyone wants to be like facebook :)

  • Thanks for the help and yep you are right about facebook :) I was really happy with the default template and everything working fine when the daughter said "can't you make it look like facebook!!!" I think I will go back to the original.

    Cheers everyone for the help

  • re ColdTrick plugin event_manager is this an elgg plugin ? i have downloaded it and put it into mod folder but it is not showing in my plugin list in elgg?

  • yes event_manager is an elgg plugin, make sure you have unzipped it correctly such that the start.php file is in /mod/event_manager/start.php

    Make sure the permissions are such that the files can be read by the server

  • Cheers Matt got it working a treat now. I think I was using an older version and I have tracked down and installed latest version and it works fine. Thanks for your help