adding contact us link in sign up Page

been searching for a week on this stupid issue. Why is there no "contact us" link on the sign up page. This shouldn't be an issue. It should already be there. Why is it so difficult to find and edit these pages. Elgg seems to be overwritten with junk yet under written when such a simple thing as "contact us" missing from sign up page. And I don't mean "lost password" either I mean "contact us". It has About, Terms, Privacy but no Contact Us. If people have an issue signing in they have no way to contact you to let you know. You programmers need to stop worrying about adding "gifts"  and kisses and other such stupid things and start worrying about the things missing or broken and  plugins that DONT WORK. SO THE QUESTION IS.... HOW DO I ADD "CONTACT US" TO THE SIGN UP PAGE????