Profile Manager issues

Hi everybody,

I need a special type of profile manager for the following purpose :  My website will have different type of users which will have to fill up different type of information during the registration to the website. To be clear, I AM NOT talking about normal users,VIP or Premium. It is more like  Type A will be asked Information A, B, C in their profile while TYPE B and C will be asked information B,D and E and Type D will only be asked information D and will be redirected to another page to fill out a complete questionnaire.

It may sound complicated, but ideally I would have first the generic question about username, password, email,  then a droplist with the different type of users and once the type selected, there will be a list of corresponding registration question. (which may eventually be in another page).

I got the Profile Manager Plugin hoping it could do that, I added the different type of profile A,B, C,D in "Profile Type"  as well as some information field under Profile Fields, but here are my questions:

1. Can this Plugin allow me to select which information field is required for which type ?

2. With the set up I made, when I click on the "Edit Profile" of a user, all I see are the different profile fields, with a drop down list ("logged in users, Private, Friends") next to it but no text field for the user to fill out. and my Profile Fields are of varying type (Short Text, Large Text, Location ).   How do I fix that ?

3.(optional) once this problem fixed, I will be looking for a Forum Plugin allowing me to have images instead of text as Subforum titles. Can someone know a plugin able to do that ?

Thanks !

Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

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