Github is confusing to navigate. Just thought I would throw that out there...

I made an account @ Github a few days ago and haven't been back since LOL. It looks like a very nice place, but I cannot figure out anything there pertaining to Elgg. Any Pointers?? I noticed that many Elgg Veterans have migrated there, for the most part, and that there may be updated resources there as well.

  • You could either search for Elgg and find elgg-related code in the topbar searchbar on github, or for the elgg repo, go to:

    If plugin authors maintain their plugins on github, they most of the time have their github repo on the sidebar on the pluginpage here on the Elgg community.

  • Maybe it's good read something about github before starting downloading and installing, plugins or code may not be finished, or are still worked on. It's a tool for versioning and to keep track of changes made.

    Usually dev's post their finished plugin in the repo here.

    Also something to keep an eye on, more and more Elgg dev's are starting to use 'composer' to keep their dependencies up to date. Note that you can not install these plugins in a regular way. You will need to use composer to install the dependencies needed by the plugin. And that's something you cannot do without commandline access to your server.

    Another note. when installig from github, github adds a '-master' suffix after each zip-file, you would have to remove this or your plugin will not work.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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