Where is everybody??

This place seems like it was once filled with activity, but now its all but empty. Is there something I should know?

  • odf integration sound great, thanks. :)

  • It seems that this discussion is about everyone getting his own topic on front. So I'am leaving this one. Please do not forget the truth in the original question.

  • @RJ I saw webODF a couple of months ago and was intrigued.  I had a mental bookmark to look into integrating it as well, but as always, time is the limiting factor.  I hope you're able to share your work at some point

    As far as what I'm doing - just been super busy over the last few months at my day job, so I've been working in elgg (mostly 1.8) and some of that work gets released as plugins under the Arck account.  I've been finding and reporting plenty of bugs (as seems to be my specialty), but balancing work with family etc has left me little time to put in the work I know we need around here.  That should change as a few projects get completed, and post-summer when my kids are back in school.

  • @Evan, Thanks for hitting some of the actual issues that need some attention. I know there are many software out there but elgg stands out to be the best and easier to maintain for most new and old users. Most of the plugin developers might be tired to work without any donations or most of us might be balancing work, family, elgg coding and fun time but for those who are willing to move on with elgg, the hard work will pay off one day.

    @ Evan,  Concerning your comment, main things that caused my old Stanford project to never take off was our lack of ability to make changes quickly and confidently, because the plugin code we wrote was impossible to test. The whole system was brittle and had a (deserved) reputation of being unstable.

    Remember, a few years ago, Facebook launched several Softwares or products or on Elgg language or terms "plugins" like: Poke, Gifts, Places, Deals, Email, Camera, Graph Search and HOME for Android Phones and all these plugins or software by Facebook were failures after failure after failure even after Facebook had stolen most of the best brains from Apple company to make these plugins! To cut log story short, all these items listed above were all failures. But now Facebook in reaping the reward to its investors of its past failures through Direct Message, Instagram and video sharing, drones, artificial intelligence or mind reading!

    So, Evan keep up with your dreams and improve on your old Stanford project ideas and hope one day the rest will be history.

    Now back to the main question or topic :-  Where is everybody??

    I have been busy with my family, Work, and summer vacations and on my free time - coding elgg plugins that i have not uploaded yet  to Elgg community. However, I do check elgg discussions on daily basis and answer some questions like this one on my cellphone.

  • Don't forget it's summer as well. Lot's are spending their evening in the garden/hotel/beach instead of behind their computer ;-)

  • @ura there is no new scripts on links you posted. I don't know any new social networking software that can be real alternative for elgg. There were some interesting projects like pump.io, but never got finished.