Where is everybody??

This place seems like it was once filled with activity, but now its all but empty. Is there something I should know?

  • This particular group or the community in general?

    I've also been busy. But I still read 99% of all the notifications about new discussions and replies.

  • Cranking out the codez, bro.


    Actually, I always thought it would be cool to get the activity stream from GitHub integrated here... Could be a nice way to give a fuller picture of what's going on with the project.

  • I also noticed this and a drop in activity which made me less active too. I think there are some obvious reasons for this. While making the switch to https the community lost it's high pagerank in Google. A significant drop in traffic is seen on Alexa since this switch was made. http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/community.elgg.org

    That will probably recover over time. Another reason is that part of the discussion moved to github. The core developers are quite pro github and that had effect on other dev's which moved their code and discussions over there. 

    I think that integration is required, since much users do not want to go back and forth between two totally different platforms just to keep informed and have access to recent code, issues and discussions. Not everyone is as dedicated.

    If not, the project will probably live on in github, but that is much harder to manage since it is not as dedicated like this forum and lacks discussions possibility for non code related talks . Elgg is just one of many projects there. Don't get me wrong, I love github.

    The community could stay for end users be able to ask questions, but will be much less interesting for more experienced users or developers.

  • most of the guys will be here only but they keep on reading the discussion and message .... but they do other task with the elgg  :D... we need to build a chat here so that you can see other online :P

  • there are numerous other social network applications available now, which are attracting many. i find new ones every month or so.
    one of the main issues i perceive is the lack of realtime updates in elgg, such as notifications and stream updates.

  • Ya, I am really starting to rethink weather I want to continue using elgg, which is too bad. I kinda like it. But i cannot find help for problems very easy and there seems to be a lot of problems. I have an audience of around 20,000 people waiting for this, and yet ever day I hit the same roadblocks. :( Too bad...


  • I read most of the discussions in my email. I login and offer my answer if it's not something trivial or something that has been discussed and answered before.
    Learn to pose your questions in a way that makes sense, offer solutions you have tried e.g.via gists. We are all busy and we can't help you if you are willing to help yourself.

  • I am very willing to help myself, hence the reason i am here. However, this isn't easy stuff, and everyone has to start somewhere. And it's always nice when people are willing to help teach. :)

  • So one thing I've noticed is that people ask a lot of questions via plugin comments, but that doesn't lend itself to easy resolution since it's a single stream for all issues. Those discussions also don't show up under the list of discussions currently happening.

    Adding discussion topic support to plugin projects would probably help a lot with this issue...