Hosting for elgg?


Long time since I've been around! Anyway, I would like some suggestions to website hosting for my elgg site. Please suggest something cheap since I cant afford very expensive dedicated services. I recently had my site on some host that mysteriously vanished without warning ant took my elgg site with it! Good thing my site had limited users at the time.

I would like to know what are the best requirements for running elgg in terms of HDD space and bandwidth (I know this depends on the type of site, but what is working for you? ). There are some that say they have unlimited features but I don't believe this is possible.

I am currently looking at a service with 120GB space and 1200 monthly transfer is this enough for a non myspace or facebook like site (in the sence of traffic)? It is 1and1 hosting, does this host wirk with elgg?

Sorry for the long post, any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Juser..


    Search the community for hosting.. there are a few posts that cover that issue. I'm sure I read some opinions on that.


    - Carlos

  • I run my site from my apache server at home on the end of an adsl line (though thats dues to be upgraded to an SDSL line soon) Its quite a good solution as it gives you good local control over the web site and any 'fixes' are instantaneous. I have even, on occasion, fixed something while the subscriber has been waiting.

    Running costs? well virtually nothing to be honest apart from the equipment and i suspect most people have all of it already and its a great way to learn linux, pfhp mysql etc...

    Downside? well there is a tendancy to get a bit paranoid the first few months its up & running ;-)

    Security? not a great a problem as some people would think it is.

  • @ Carlos

    Thanks, I have searched around the community but could not find something specific to the best in GB storage or transfer. I've also checked out the options on the hosting tab of this website, but haven't read any opinions on those yet.

    @ jededitor

    I currently have a version of my site a linux harddrive as localhost (apache) but have no idea how to make that accessible through the internet or adding a domain to my ip and all. If I could I would try that solution. Anyway another thing that concerns me is the placement of my PC (running as a server), I've never had it on all day... everyday of the week, month year, and as yopu say that is scary (at least for me).

  • HI

    Perhaps we can help, we specliase in elgg, and offer free install.

    we can give you a custom solution if needed.


  • Try When I bought a hosting plan from them, it didn't meet with the technical requirements of Elgg. I discussed it with them and sent them a copy of the Elgg doc where it specifies the requirements. Infrenion fixed things for me accordingly. And they know how to cope with all installation problems.

  • contact importer not working

    Login failed. Please check the email and password you have provided and try again later, this error is coming when i import contact using "" contact importer plugin.

    this is happening for facebook and yahoo.

    please go through and login to in friends tab and at the left click on import contact. it will work for gmail but not working for yahoo and facebook?:(

    please help me

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your suggestions! I am sure to check out both simple servers' and shillo's suggestion. Looking at the features have given me an idea of what is best for my site. Thanks again!

  • Shillo that was a good answer., something I always notice in this community that people dont really answers or help people to clarify their questions. People help each other, because this site is to share experiences and help others in need. People like carlos, are not much of a help. I am here to help and share from my experience using this elgg, people try to help the way it should be.     

  • @Jazvel

    ;-) you're making a mistake ;-)

    Carlos actually helps a lot of people with hard-code support !! one cannot say he is ".. not much a help..." ;-) Just ask Shillo or Goofbucket ? and many others...


  • @Jazvel

    Dhrup is right. Carlos is a big help to the community, he was just pointing out that the question has been answered a number of times.

    We use A2 and there support is very good However we are going to move soon to dedicated hosting and there prices are 2 high and specs to low for that.

    As far as what elgg needs, we have moved 3 times and are planning on moving again, as increase in membership will start to slow you down. You must be prepared to move before you need to.

    Indications that you need more resources are when you hit your upper memory limit on your server. The server will start to use a hard swap file (virtual memory) and your site appears to hang. This is quite common on shared hosting.

    Therefor what you need depends on your activity level.