Good day, someone is having problems with cometchat? 
I already asked for support cometchat since last Friday are not 
managing communication chat with the database, does not connect

  • cometchat I installed on my website and not connected in any way. 
    already asked for support and still nothing. 
    very sad

  • Please have a friend into the Community cometchat installed on your site?

  • Cometchat Support can help you set it up. In elgg 1.8, their guide is pretty straightforward. However I don't know if they support elgg 1.9

  • Good afternoon, I came in contact with the support cometchat.

    They claimed they have to create something in the template.
    Can someone help me?
    Look the message that the cometchat sent me:



    Please create a cookie named cc_data whenever a user logs into your site. The code should be as follows in your site header:

    Please destroy this cookie on logout. This cookie will be used by CometChat to identify the logged-in users on your site. Feel free to email me if you need further clarification. You may need to ask your programmer to add these details to your site template.


  • Hello Marcos,

    I am from the CometChat team. Am sorry you are facing issues with the integration. We have full support for Elgg 1.9.

    Please email us at help (at) and we will assist you further.

    Please note that we do not actively monitor this group so it will be quicker for you to email us (as we may not be able to always read your comments posted here).