Plugin page without "Elgg frame" ?


I wrote a plugin with an iframe on one page.

Is it possible to display another simple php page (which should be also a part of the same plugin) within this iframe, without the "Elgg frame" around it ( = just the content of the second page)?

How can I achieve that this page will not be treated like a "normal" Elgg page.

In which folder (views? pages?) do I have to put this php file and in which way I have to register the file in start.php?

Thanks in advance.


  • If I understand correctly, you want to display an Elgg view (page without the layout) within an Elgg page (page with layout)?
    Wouldn't it be better to just use: "echo elgg_view('hello/world');" instead of an iFrame?

  • I use the iframe for downloading a PDF file. And the download is triggered within a php page (using CURL, then change header to: header("Content-type: application/pdf")) and Output the result. It's working, if the second page is hosted in another directory, but if I put the file somewhere in the plugins directory, it fails.

  • So you just want to serve a pdf?  You definitely don't need an iframe for that.

    Create a pagehandler for it, set your headers and read the file from the location on the file system.

  • Look at the file plugin for an example of how to do that.

  • The problem is that the file is generated upon request, it's not available through the file system. And the generation takes several seconds to complete (the file is provided by a REST webservice). So I first load a normal page with a "busy indicator" and an hidden iframe, targeting the download URL. My goal is to integrate the iframe URL in the plugin.

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