passing array to a web services

when i try to access user_profile web services the parameters are profile and username...where in this profile is an array...when i try to hit than services getting as profile is not in a form of u people know how to pass the profile
in client i have an array as
$profile = array('description' => 'description test',
'briefdescription' => 'briefdescription test',
'location' => 'India',
'interests' => 'my interest',
'skills' => 'my skills',
'contactemail' => '',
'phone' => '01234567890',
'mobile' => '11234567890',
'website' => '',
'twitter' => 'tweet',
$params = array('username' => $this->user->username,
'profile' => $profile
please reply asap...thanks in advance