Bug found and fixed in lib/resize.php with imagemagick

Not sure where to post this, so I will just place it here.

When uploading pictures with tidypics and imagemagick, images do not get named correctly in the filesystem, and so not showing up in albums etc. The correct name does get written to the elgg database, just not to the filesystem.

The problem is in lib/resize.php


in function tp_create_imagick_cmdline_thumbnails

change "largethumb", into "largethumb$filestorename",
change "smallhumb", into "smallhumb$filestorename",
change "humb", into "thumb$filestorename",

in function tp_imagick_cmdline_resize

$output_name = $path["dirname"] . "/$prefix" . $path["filename"] . "." . $path["extension"];
into $output_name = $path["dirname"] . "/$prefix" . $path["filename"];


That should do the trick :) Thanks to @Quest for giving me the opportunity to find and fix this bug ;)