Is this possible with Elgg?

I am planning on moving my Drupal-build site to Elgg, and I am wondering if these features can be build using Elgg.

The general idea behind the site is this.

  • A surfspot (google-map and more properties like showers yes/no restuarants yes/no)
  • Surfers. (skill level, age and "Local on these surfspots" --> links to Surfspot (groups???)
  • Gear, A surfer has gear wich he/she manages (kite or board, size, serial no., year of purchase..)
  • A surflog. After a session a surfer enters a surflog. Links to a surfspot, and to gear used. More details like, wind strength, wave height, weather. etc.
  • Plan a session, (event?) Enter a planned sesion of a vriend.
  • Overview pages of All session logs, all Gear. , all planned sessions of friends. etc..

I have been strungeling using the "Google-map" and the "Flexgroupprofile" but I am lost.

Any pointer in the right direction anyone??

Thanks a lot from this Elgg newbie


  • Anything is possible.

    I suggest that you post more specific questions about what you are struggling with and people may be able to help.

  • Thanks for teh verry quick answer!

    Oke, something concrete to start with:

    Two user "Content forms" using the "Form" tool

    "Surf-Quiver"- Users entering their quiver. Fields like, brand, size, serial no, date of purchase

    "Session-Log"- Users log their session, Fields like, Date, wind speed, wind direction AND, here I need a select box to the users "Surf-quiver"

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again

  • Yes, the form plugin supports a date picker and select boxes. Perhaps you could install the latest version and try it out?

  • I did try it out, but I don't know how to solve this.

    • I add gear to my "Surf-Quiver", say a North, evo 10 sqm.
    • Now I have had the session of my live, and I want to add a "Session-log". The first field would be "Select the gear used during this session", and this should be a selectbox, containing al my gear from my own personal "Surf-quiver".So this way I select my North evo 10 sqm, and is should not be a text field, beacuae this fiels refers to a item in my personal "Surf-quiver"

    In the Form admin I can select "Add existing field", but this ends up being an input field, and not a selectbox containg previous entries.

    Maybe this is the wrong group to ask, and maybe I should ask the maintainer of the "Forms" tool



  • Aaah, sorry Kevin, I see you are the Author of the form plugin...

    So this would be the right place.....

  • Sorry, I'm afraid I don't think I understand you.

    Are you saying that you are adding a pulldown choice field and are defining several options, but when you view the form, it is displaying a text entry field, not a pulldown?

    When you edit the form, you are shown a list of the attached fields as well as their types. The relevant one should have a "choice" type.

  • I am afraid you don't understand.


    Let me give you an other example.

    I would like to add a content form named "Authors"-> Fields; Names, Date_of_birth, Gender, etc...

    I would like to ad a content form named "Book" --> Fields: title, number of pages, Author

    But this field Book field Authour should be a reference to the content form Author.



  • Hi, I'm afraid that I definitely don't understand.

    What do you mean by "this field Book field Authour should be a reference to the content form Author"?

    What do you mean by "reference"?

  • By reference I mean I can select all Authors. So it should be a select field.

    So first, I enter a few Authors. Tolkien, JK Rowling, George Orwell

    Then I would like to enter a new book. The "Author" field should be a select box, containing all Authors I have previuosly entered. Some sort of relational database, linking two "Tables" Book and Author.

    Clear?? I hope so, I don't know how to explain it in a different way

  • If you mean, "can I add a custom field type which is a select box whose values are determined by something else in the database", the answer is yes.

    This is not yet documented, but the function


    that appears near the top of


    lets you add all kinds of custom fields.

    You could create one called "my_authors".

    All the views should accept the usual "internalname" and "value" $vars parameters.