How to enable private comments

Would anyone know of a plug-in to enable private comments on content?

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    Not that I'm aware of, what's the use case for private comments?  I have an old plugin that allows non-logged-in users to post comments, and they would post privately and could be moderated by the content owner.  Not exactly what you're looking for I'm sure, but it's probably a good place to start if you're looking to dive into the code.

  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you for the information.  I checked out the add-ins you referenced and they aren't what I am looking for.  What I hoped for was something that allowed the comments to be restricted to users with a certain role or individual users.  Sorry that I wasn't more clear.

    I didn't really expect there to be anything but I thought I'd ask.


  • Hi bullywug

    You want only friends or a role to be able to comment or want to hide comments from certain users?

  • Hi RJ.  I know this is probably not something often requested as it has a specific purpose. It would be beneficial if I had the ability to add comments to something that could only be viewed by either a specific user or a member of a specific role (which I'm still figuring out the rolls thing).  The purpose is to give a game master the ability to have information that can only be seen by the intended party member or to allow the GM to make private comments for himself that others can't see.

    The purpose of the site is for table top games so say you had a character that you wanted to have the players be able to reference after the game when they met him, but there is additional information on the character that the players do not yet know.  The GM could put the information in a private comment that only he could see.   Another example would be a character who does something the other players don't notice, such as stealing someone's coin purse or some treasure.  The character should be able to see the comment stating such but the other players shouldn't be able to view the information.

    Sorry for all the background but I thought given how unusual this is it might help illustrate what I'm trying to accomplish.

  • Hi Bullywug!

    I understand now. It is a little bit tricky. Far as I got, was to enable privacy for comments. Only my friends or certain roles could comment on my content.

    Other thing I did with roles was allow a certain role to post a comment but couldn't see it. You need to start by overwriting an specific view for users.


  • It is a bit tricky, but the best way I can think of would be to use a plugin such as or

    To determine custom access values.  You'll need to intercept the creation of the comment and assign it a new access_id that corresponds to a collection of users.  You'll also need to separate the users into collections that will work for your gaming purposes.

    It can certainly be done, but it's definitely not the easiest task you could have chosen to start with :)