Facebook Like Comments

So I have been looking for something that will make the wire that shows on the Activity page act more like the FB timeline. 

So what I mean by that is: 

  • When a user posts a status update it will only be shown to private/friends/public only
  • Remove the Logged in user option so that only people who are friends with the posting user can see the post if not set to public
  • Commenting on the post instead of being taken to the wire to make a reply
  • Sharing of other users posts to your wire
  • show an icon on each post that will show what the post has been set to friends/private/public
  • Refresh 5 minutes to see new activity
  • being able to upload files, images, videos from the Activity page
  • creating an unlike button to accompany the like button
  • make the activity page act more like a facebook timeline.

I have been searching the Internet for a couple of days and I must say this is not an easy task and all help will be greatly welcomed.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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