TidyPics on Elgg V 1.2 problems

After upgrading from elgg 1.1 to 1.2 (that was heavy enough) i recognized a new problem. It seems that tidypics does not interact with the groups plugin. If i have both of them enabled the groups latest_discussion view does not find its css. Disabling tidypics, and with groups everything's ok - but tidypics now shows empty pages, all previous entered data are lost and it is not possible to create new albums (also empty page).

Any hint?

  • Hi, same problem with me.. I also used elgg 1.2. At first, tinypics seems working good but after i created my new album and uploaded few images, i get a blank page.  Also my latest activity and latest discussions went blank. and when i view a group, it seems that the page elements ano not called. It seems that the view for displaying the group info is the only page that is called.. no html, head, body tags included when i viewed my source page.

  • I finally fixed it. When i check the source code, on tidypics/views/default/object/album at the bottom, the php tags is <? so i make it <?php and it works.. same issue on tidypics/views/default/object/image. after i made it that way, everything works.. maybe it's the server/apache/php config that didn't supported the short php tags.

  • Thanks, Jessica,

    the blank pages problem is solved.  But the .css problem with tidypics and groups both enabled is still standing (at my installation). Following your suggestion with the '<? ' short tags problem i checked the whole installation and replaced every occurance with <?php.

    Any other hint?

  • Hi Karsten,

    Sorry for late response.. Regarding to your issue, have you check the file groupprofile_albums.php on /mod/tidypics/views/default/tidypics/groupprofile_albums.php. There is an occurance of php short tag on the bottom part of the codes.


  • Jessica, that was it..

    I did not found this occurance because i grepped only for '<?(space) ' and not for '<?(crlf)'

    Thanks again!