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  • I am a "non-programmer" in every sense of the word, however I'm a patient study.   I need anyone's assistance who finds joy in teaching.

    My site is being hosted on godaddy and I'd like to customize it and create member pages.  I'd like the members to manage their member pages while still retaining the access to edit it myself if necessary or add additional member pages.   Frankly, I have no idea where to get started.

  • I'm not a designer or a developer so this is a very large challenge for me.  I've finally figured out that you change the look and feel of the website by adding plugins and have done one or two successfully.  Last week, however, I tried to add a new theme to my site and it was a disaster.  I ended up reloading v1.5 to recover but still have a few broken links.

    Some immediate goals I have for the site are:

    • Rid the background of the blue-gray color, changing it to white.
    • Add tabs for the site catagories?  Or maybe I don't understand what the site catagories are supposed to do?
    • Add the tagcloud plugin with colors.
    • Clean up the link problem.

    Can somebody please help me with any of the above?

    Thank you.  Carol Gamel  Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions will be gladly accepted.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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