Yet another group for technical support.

Hi !

This is what the ELGG community should do, its ok for experts to charge for their service, and its ok for users to receive some free help. This is a suggestion of what should be a default featured group.

Uddhava dasa

  • "its ok for experts to charge for their service, and its ok for users to receive some free help"

    The second part of the sentence is already in effect, but the first part is not similarly ... mmm ... I don't know what is right word. I have come across several posts at random, scattered all over Elgg, requests for paid help and offerings to undertake paid service (a dropped clue here, an explicit undertaking there). There should be a meeting point for the two streams. I feel Elgg Admin should come up with a section devoted to it.

  • Hi Shillo,

    Yes, it would greatly increase Elgg development, make happy programmers, and happy customers. But, who is in charge of the site ?

    This is the point at which, because of exponential growth, one can become like Microsoft. This has happened to Moodle and it was pathetic, now moodle is an old big dinosaur, in which even the text editor is 5 years old, blockquotes don't work.

    I have several ideas, and there will be a huge need for community building in the whole world, as the materialistic society of the west falls apart. So, how can we contribute Site Admin ?

    Uddhava dasa


  • But, who is in charge of the site ?

    Well, who is in charge of the Elgg groups Elgg 1.5, Getting started, etc? The section will run the same way. Elgg can legally protect itself disclaiming any part in the negotiations. Any deal or negotiations is totally private between buyer and seller. Elgg is no part of it. Further, in the event of a dispute, it is to be settled outside, steering clear off the forum, between the parties concerned. Elgg provides only a meeting point.

    This happens elsewhere. Joomla has a special sections for 'extensions' (roughly plugins here), which includes items that come under commercial license. I have never come across a single posting that verges on a dispute. Of course, the section is moderated; and nothing approximating an 'issue" between two parties are allowed in the Joomla forums.

    Nucleaus has a similar section.


  • There at least this other group for "paid services" - Professional Services

    As far as "free help" goes... it seems that almost everyone likes to start their own group or new thread with whatever problems they would like addressed ;-)

    For me personally.. I do not like to have to follow too many groups and threads -- clogs my email notifications. So.. I created my own "fifth" element Hackers Elggalaxy ;-)

    For those who like to materially oriented (e.g. me LOLZ) and those who want to pay for certain services, I believe they do find each other here at the community.. somehow.. ;-)

  • HI Shillo,

    Well, guess who is in charge of Elgg 1.5 discussion ?

    Ben Werdmuller

    His last login was something like 60 days ago !!! AHH !

    So, the next question is, who's on a higher rank ? We need new group admins.

    Uddhava dasa

  • Ben Werdmuller has left Elgg/CurveRider to be involved in some other social networking business venture, though I believe he still maintains his ties to Elgg, but without being actively involved as part of the Team. ( ps: I occasionally exchange emails with him.. ;- ) The current Elgg Team is listed at

    Core team

    imageDavid Tosh
    Product Lead and co-founder

    imageMarcus Povey
    Senior Architect

    imagePete Harris
    Creative Director


    imageLeonard Lin
    has spent more than a decade developing social media and online community tools for the Web.

    imageMatt Fix
    is a Principal at Vodafone Ventures, a $200M fund focused on the mobile and digital media space.

    imageBiz Stone
    is the co-founder of Twitter, a global service for the social exchange of news, ideas, events, and more.

    imageStan Stanier
    is Head of Learning Technologies at the University of Brighton.

    imageSasan Salari has been immersed in technology since 1995 as one of the founders of eLearning software WebCT.

    and of course there's the rest of us elggsters.. ;-)

  • Hi Dhruva dāsa,

    Why don't you ask David to let you be coordinator of the groups and featured groups ? I don't think he'd give me the chance. I'm still "unknown".

    Uddhava dasa

  • By they way, none of the advisors are even registered in the community site... Oh boy !

  • @ dhruv

    I just created a group called Paid Service: Ask or Offer. I was not aware of the group you have mentioned when I did it.

  • Shillo,

    Let's continue using yours, i'm going to delete this one, i'm going to focus on the Elgg IDEAS group.

    Uddhava dāsa