ELgg on IIS


Is it possible to install elgg on IIS 7?

With Thanks!


  • I am trying that right now and running into some issues.

    I got as far as connecting to DB but when elgg asks for all the information regarding website, I hit next and it doesn't go any further.

    Also when I write rewrite rules in IIS /web.config, it throws errors on regular expressions.

    Did you got it working on IIS 7?

  • I got it to work on IIS by doing the following:

      1) Installing the IIS URL Rewrite module: http://www.iis.net/download/urlrewrite

      2) Open the IIS Manager in Control Panel > Administrative Tools

      3) Right-Click on Site and select "Switch to Features View" if not already there.

      4) Open the URL Rewrite Feature and click "Import Rules..." in the actions menu.

      5) Browse for a configuration file... Open the "htaccess_dist" file located in the root directory of your elgg site.

      6) Rename each rule if you desire to do so by right clicking on the rule name in the Tree View. This is optional. I renamed my rules "Action Handler, Service Handler, Export Handler1, etc..."

      7) Under each rule there is a match tag. The tags contain regular expressions. Most regular expressions will generate an error because IIS is interpreting them differently than Apache would. There is a simple fix. In every instance you see "/_" remove the slash. It is an escape character for the underscore. This isn't necessary for IIS and will generate an error. Be sure to remove it anytime you see it before the underscore.

      8) In the actions menu on the right, hit apply.

    That's it. You should be able to submit the System Settings page and use Elgg locally.