Migration from Elgg Classic

Are there any news on the migration tool from Elgg Classic to Elgg 1.x?

I have a community with 1,000 users that I want to move to Elgg 1.2.

  • Bump?

    I have been patiently awaiting for this migration tool since the San Francisco meetup when this was discussed...

  • I'm in the same boat. I have several sites that run on 0.9 that I want to move to the 1.x branch. I'm hesitant to move my development team over to 1.x until we have a good way to get our users' data over as well. I can see that this has been done with the Community at Brighton site, so the software exists. I've contacted Curverider about it, but never heard back.

  • Hi Justin,

    Are you sure that Brighton has migrated? I thought that this was on the cards for later in the year ...

    My understanding is that Curverider's priority is to stabilise the code and get the first set of performance tuning features in - this will be Elgg 1.5, due by the end of February.

    After that they will turn to migration, probably by building tools to migrate specific sites first before releasing a general migration tool.

    So that might take a few months. But I don't work for Curverider, so this is speculation, of course.

  • Kevin,

    Looks like you're right. I thought that Brighton had migrated, but on closer inspection that's still the classic codebase. So there goes that data point. :) But still, I know my group would be willing to help test out and potentially develop some of the migration tools.

  • I guess we will need to wait a few months before contemplating migration...

  • LIkely to be longer than a few months as its disappeared from the roadmap. Also the classic elgg site has also gone which is a pain.