Post your elgg site link here, remember to tell us a little about your site :-)

Post your elgg site link here, remember to tell us a little about your site :-)


    Please!!!  I am looking for constructive criticism only!  If you like or dislike please let me know why.  thanks all.

  • Hello! I am new here but I currently have 3 Sites in development using Elgg.


    1) - A Christian Based Social network. Intended to empower churches to organize and complete the mission of the Church, to be the hands and feet of Jesus with in our Communities! This site was brought online today and is available in it's Beta state as we speak. Please Visit and let me know what I could do to make it better!


    2) - A future Social Network site dedicated to Weather enthusists. It's been online in different forms since after Hurricane Katrina hit back in August of 2005. It will be relaunching on June 1st 2012 just in time for the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season as a Elgg based Social Network site.


    3) A unnamed Social Network Site for the Members of my church to help us Organize our Small Groups and Missions Outreaches. It's been put on hold for the time being until Our Church starts growing and something like that would be needed!


    If you have any ideas or suggestions for any of these 3 projects please let me know! Thanks! God Bless!

  • Kind of interesting to see this 3 year old thread continually get resurrected every few months  :)

    Why not...?

    A kind of tongue-in-cheek (yet surprisingly motivating/useful) network for fatties wanting to lose weight.

  • ;-) thread's not the only 3-year around here ! justa looki at noddy lulu's posts elsewhere ;-P


  • @ Matt Beckett I really like your site!  Great Idea and looks great!  best of luck

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  • Lots of great looking Elgg sites here...nice to see.

    I'm working on one for entrepreneurs and other small business owners to network, share ideas and advertise their products and/or services.

  • Collective Knowledge Network (RESA)
    Collective Knowledge Network (RESA), emerged from a doctoral research in Computer Education, UFRGS, IF Fluminense and Course Administration ISECENSA, with the support of CNPq, aimed to create a Learning Environment for Complex Supervised Internship , with the research environment, the undergraduate degree in Business Administration from a private university.

    The concept of Complex Thought Edgard Morin, with the need to foster a learning environment in Complex Supervised Internships in an undergraduate degree in Business Administration emerged Collective Knowledge Network (RESA), which today has more than 200 users, distributed in several groups (communities) with the participation of different education institutions.

    Access the RESA, register and participate: