Post your elgg site link here, remember to tell us a little about your site :-)

Post your elgg site link here, remember to tell us a little about your site :-)

  • - a market with plugins for Elgg. All plugins are actually installed on the site for test purposes. Layout is kept simple to make the site look as similar to default Elgg's template as possible.

  •  social network for the Latino comunity.  First I started with and still exists with this url.  Then tried buddypress.  And now after testing elgg for a while, finally decided to keep going with elgg.

  • I am in the process of setting up a site for a group that we had on Ning. It is for builders and developers who play in virtual worlds and web 3D. I am running into a few glitches, but so far, it is coming together well. You can view it at WBnadD (World Builders and Developers). I am new to Elgg, so it is a little rough.

  • Serampore - our site is still under construction, strategy-wise. It is a community site for all the people of West Bengal and Bangladesh.


  • Hi please check out my elgg site and tell me what you think. This is my first go so be easy on me lol

    But serious please provide some feedback and comments.

    Check it out here - My123Day - use the account username:elgg01 passw:elgg01

    It's a small social site that's all about the users day. When logged in just go to profile for the user's "home" and all can be navigated from there.

  • To: jacque

    Wow you set up a Super Cool site with Elgg very hard to believe that this is the very first site you set up looks very good. I really would like to know how you set up that first splash or front page looks very good can you tell me how you created that. That really makes it look unique and professional. My site just goes right to the Elgg page and I really would rather have a front page like what you have! Looks a lot better that way so please tell me how you made that site with the screen shots I think I am more new then you are for sure then.

    But one other thing I found besides Twitterfeed which is very cool how you explained that I need to do the same for is Google Buzz. I have been testing out Google Buzz a little and was able to hook up my site runs Elgg to Google Buzz. Now ANY updates on the site ether Bookmarks or Blogs or I think anything that creates a RSS Feed addition are starting to show up in my Google Buzz feed and then I got this hooked up with Twitter. So now when ever I post and add Bookmarks (GREAT SEO FEATURE!) I seem them on both my Google Buzz and now going right to Twitter instead of using Twitterfeed they are in more REAL Time Twitter Feed has a delay like 30 min and post a max of 5 posts. Google Buzz is in RSS REAL TIME or close to it and I see the bookmarks that I post all over Twitter.

    I do not know if it will post from other users so far I think it is only posting my own account I have on my site with Elgg installed. I just wanted to point this cool feature out that ANYONE can Integrate Google Buzz into their Elgg installed site with their own main account.

    This can also be given to other users on how they can also Connect YOUR Social Network site (Elgg installed) With their own Google Buzz account and then Use a free site that lets you connect their Twitter account to Google Buzz...

    Now with Google Buzz I have it included into my Google Gmail account so far it's the only way I know how to access it. So besure to have a Gmail account and then include or add Google Buzz into there. As far as how to Connect a Site to Google Buzz this can be a little trickey I have found a Blog that covers everything with Google Buzz and in this blog it gives detailed INFO of how to Connect your own site (Must be a RSS FEED type of site like ELGG) so any Elgg install will work!

    HERE is the blog:

    Also I have noticed a MASSIVE increase of Traffic and Accounts being Generated I hope it is not just SPAM Accounts over 1,000 accounts created in less then a week?? But I also have Real Time Traffic Feed showing Direct Connects to from all over the USA and a few other countires. I really do not see how someone can pull this off plus I have the Must Verify Email before you can join the site or use it plugin on. Anyone else out there ever seen this before??

    I will not complain that much it is doing Wonders for my Rankings and SEO, plus building an Insane amount of Indexed links. But I really am concerned about the HUGE Traffic Volume spike.

    Well check out my site at:


  • : Team webgalli's official site, developed on elgg, where our clients can see the demo of all our elgg plugins and can buy our plugins from the plugin groups via paypal.

  • Ok almost forgot with my site I also created a Toolbar that really helps BIG on getting your site noticed and traffic!!! Check out mine and install it FREE and Safe! Here:

    Create your own Site toolbar this really helps!

    Another Cool think to do is to Run your own Web 2.0 Search Engine in addition to the Elgg installed site integrate this:

    Another thing to integrate is this very cool Microblog script that I found example:   (Org. Link)

    But even Better is that Frameme Plugin I found on here that lets you have any site into your Elgg installed site as a full Page! This is how it looks on Main Site:

    Also with the Open Invite: