Post your elgg site link here, remember to tell us a little about your site :-)

Post your elgg site link here, remember to tell us a little about your site :-)


    A rounded social network website; I feel like definaing more of pointed purpose now after seeing all of yours...


  • Yomboo is just a little hobby of mine, it's a general non-specific social network.

    Havent decided yet whether to have a simple "splash page" on the index with just some kind of graphic and the register and login forms or have what it has at the moment which is custom_index stuff.

    It's by no means finished and i dont know yet if i will ever even try to make a sucessfull site out of it. If i do i will probably just ask my friends to sign up and play around, see if it grows from there. I would be happy if it just made enough ad revenue to cover or nearly cover a shared hosting bill.

    (Default access is "friends" but Admin's profile is public as a demo of how it looks filled out abit.

  • Social Network Site for bloggers -

  • One of our sites is:

    Not only a Subprofiles feature has been developed but also an impressive theme!

  • Please join my site on elgg



    It is a professional peoples Success/social zone.


    Please help me populate it, use it and also help develop it through Elgg.

  • This is an old topic so maybe nobody is interested, but just in case...

    my elgg site can be found at and was setup today so there may still be a few changes made yet.

    The site is a social network for social network administrators, so, basically anyone that runs an elgg, social engine, etc. site feel free to pop along! I set it up because I will admit I am not the biggest fan of facebook, I prefer niche sites as opposed to something which is 50% spam or some other useless stuff.

    If anyone pops over then be sure to say hi, I am the aptly named Admin :)

  • We are looking for some beta testers for a hosted elgg platform similar to You can create your own elgg installation in a couple of minutes and administer it in a similar way to a normal elgg site.

    The site - - isn't fully completed yet, but the majority of it works well.

    We are still debugging and optimising the site and will move it to a high powered server once all is complete.

    Any feedback / bug reports / plugin requests would be gratefully received and acted upon.

    I will also be uploading some of the plugins used on the site to the community in due course.

    Thanks for your time - looking forward to your comments!


  • Just curious jimbob - are you using the multisite plugin?

  • Kevin, no - it is a custom coded module.

  • I used to use Statusnet for a while and when the MySQL database was over 110 Megs in size with all the accounts my former hosting provider shut me down I was getting too much traffic. I then moved to GoDaddy and tried to upload and import that same Huge file. The site got so slow that it would take 5 min to see a post complete. I used Elgg about a year ago on a subdomain and just never used it enough but found that it runs a lot better then some of the 3 other Open Source Platforms I used. I now went back to Elgg and it is running good. Site gets over 300 K hits a month:


    P.S. I would like to know if there is a way to to have SEO Friendly URLS with The Wire posts and other links within Elgg. If you can just have a profile link instead of:


    without the pg


    Is this possible and also The Wire I notice that nothing gets indexed by Google or anywhere else with any of those posts. What does add backlinks and gets indexed are Bookmarks. But any POSTS from The Wire are not creating links that are indexed I want to know if there is any solution to this?

    I need to have 1 million plus links and build more to keep my current rankings on track.

    Please help I wish I spent more time with Elgg then I did with Statusnet!

    I was able to put Facebook Live Stream on the Front Page of the site. Works good and also posts to my FB Wall. If anyone likes that idea I can tell you how easy it is to get it there. Also to possibly create a Facebook APP where your Elgg site will run inside Facebook.

    I am looking for Ping.FM Integration and also RSS Feeds to Post to the Blog and The Wire via Twitterfeed or Hootsuite. Trying to figure this out but will not be easy any help please let me know!

    I would like to see Ping.FM with Elgg as an APP for Bookmark sharing and also Posting to The Wire! So lets make this happen!