How to change to another theme

Hi, everybody! I am not english speaker, but I understand a litle.

My (shared) hosting provider was offering automatic installation of Elgg and I did it, without problems and it is working. Now, I looked for new themes and found them. Unfortunately, following the few instructions I did not succeed to activate the new theme, allthought the respective plugin was activated.

Discharge the theme in /mod and activating the plugin alone is perhaps not sufficient.

Another question. Is it possible that users choose among several themes in order to personalize their pages?

I thank in advance for any help.

  • Thank you, Dave!

    Well, I think it was the luck of beginners, I choosed a theme that is corrupt somehow and just somethings were affected after activation. With another theme everythink OK!

    Thank you again for the information about users own themes!

  • hello , i did what was esplained here but the theme never change , however how can i make it the defualt theme for all uses ?!