Turnkey Elgg Hosting - What do you look for? Or what you don't?

Hey guys!

We're planning giving a turnkey paid elgg hosting service. And I'm looking for opinions.

What would you look for in a Elgg host? What is the most and the least important things you look for? What would be a reasonable price?

Or why wouldn't you consider using such a service?

What is the biggest "don't" we should keep in mind?



  • Do NOT do a maintenance / upgrade without first noticing your users with the estimated down time, and always have a backup.

  • Please install http://www.postgresql.org/If someones elgg really takes off You can not cluster servers with MySQL plus i hate sun.

    The future is bandwidth no one exspects unlimited but at least 500mb per month.

    Theres some really cool stat apps out now.

    Include email.

    try to make it around $5.00 to $10.00 per month to compete.

    give us access to php.ini You can use cgi so You do not have to re start apache.

    Be super cool and have 4 dns servers.

    Make ssl simple to install. ssl is a must!

    Make sure You have ssh installed.


  • My biggest concern would be security and easy patching, expecially with the mods. A solution much like how Wordpress does things would be nice but not necessary.

    A data directory that is positioned before /httpdocs and is not 777 but lower in permissions.

    Full access to mod directories and anything related to design.

    I ran two Elgg version on Rackspace server. 0.9 (hacked) due to my mistake and 1.5 still running smoothly but infested with fake accounts (Brazillian SPAM-ers).

    And I would like to use my own domain and DNS.


  • Hmm actually I don't know how a 'turnkey' elgg hosting works. Is it possible to give users full access on their network, customization ability, and still have a base installation, without users affecting each other?

    But I like postgresql. Clustering is something I may consider in future (50k active users?), and I wasn't aware that it's not possible with mysql =\

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Professional Services

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