Profile as form of CV or BIO

We all know now - adding?changing unique fields in profile isn't big problem (thank to doc and flexprofile). But now I faced another type of silly troubles.

Task description

If anybody want to get users the ability to write in (modified) profile information (taggable) about user's educational institutions and the detailed career - then: how to achieve it?
Main problem here is (1-2-...-n) fields with different data using the same "template"

  • <start year> - <end year> <School name> <faculty> <group> for educational part of life
  • <start year> - <end year> <Company> <Position> for career

I can't see and imagine way, which give the ability to add such data-types in Profile. Must I repeat my dream in "Feature request" group or I miss something in existing core|mods?