Three columns theme for elgg.

I want to ask about what is the complexity and time estimation of building a three columns theme of elgg where the left and right side contain the list of plugins and the middle of the theme contains the body of the plugin.

Please reply me as soon as possible .


  • I don't think you would want to create a theme if I understand your question. It shoulds like you have a specific plugin in mind and want it to have three columns. Take a look at views/default/canvas/layouts/*.php

    You could build a plugin that adds a three_column.php layout and then use that layout in your plugin.

    On a side note, saying things like "please reply as soon as possible" is more likely to make people not respond.

  • Thanks Cash for your reply,

    but i meant that , i want the layout of elgg to be three columns, some of the "Tools" menu items will be on the left side bar and other will be on the right side, and when i click as an example on Blogs, the blogs plug in content will will be in the middle bar, this is what i mean. ??

  • On a default install, a user has a profile page, a dashboard page, and then whatever plugin pages the admin has enabled. The profile and dashboard are already three column. The plugins like blog, pages, bookmarks, and files are two column. The main group page is three column and the various components are two column. I assume what you mean is that you want all these plugins to be three columns.

    There are a few ways to do this. It all depends on what exactly you want to do with the two side columns, whether you want to be able to upgrade in the future, whether you want to be able to use other people's plugins that might work best in a two column layout and so on. It is certainly possible.

  • Cash, I am still new at this. Were would you start to edit the blog plugin to show three columns? If I wanted to put adsense and a feed in the right column? I can add it on the other pages but activity, pages and blogs I can't seem to figure out. Can you point me in the right direction? Simply changing the css won't do it will it?

  • Cash, is there a way to reduce the width to 800px?

  • Check ur plugin order, if ur theme is on the bottom, or under any plugin that effect the body, than the theme css is the one u should re-code. Of course i beleive u have some knowledge on programming this, it took me some time just to code the login area, check this