Plugin Duplication

I am wanting to duplicate the groups plugin to create a second instance on my site. Obviously the plugin will not be called Groups but will be called Software or Applications.

Is there an easy way to duplicate the plugin to work or would I be looking at re-writing the whole plugin?

Any help or point in the right direction would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

  • I am not sure what you mean by "a second instance on my site", Luigi.

  • you can't just change the folder name and some language.  the code would have to be rewritten to create tables for the new mod.  probably not hard but beyond me at this point.

  • My mind is glued to Luigi's expression "a second instance". I was wondering ... Suppose I want to display, say, only Featured Groups on my main page, but in two columns. The 1st column will display items 1 thru 5, and the second 6 thru 10... something like that.

  • most of this is beyond me.  I just tried it a little with the basic links plug in to put two instances of it at the top for different typs of links but figured out it was a coding thing beyond my abilities at this point..  but I'll get ther..  : )

  • You should, harcha, tune up your gery cells :)

  • The simple answer is Yes.


    You can repeat the same plugin as many times as you want so long as you change the name like harcha said. No need to worry about the db for 2 reasons: each plugin will feed the database automatically, and, by default db will allow duplicate tables so long as they are referenced to their plugin.. so whatever query is made to the db, it will answer accurately.


    - Carlos

  • Or, you can take a short cut and hang with Dhrup and you'll learn even quicker.......... he tought me everything I know............ well.. not everything... somethings I had to experience first hand....... and they were all goooooooooooooood.


  • I'm tagging along...  hope to someday contribute.

  • @ Carlos, Dhrup

    I had a feeling two instances would work, but what about the items in each? Will the second be a duplication or continuation of where the first left it?

    @ Harcha

    Can you give me the link to where you've fixed it?

  • Hi,

    could you specify, which text might remain the same? Entity tpyes, e.g.? Is there an easy way to filter that?