Search forum post and some community question

Hi all,

I installed elgg on my laptop to test it out and having some problem. Was thinking to search for solution here, but encounter another problem. Is there anyway for us to search on post posted on forum? I can see there is a search field on top right hand corner, but the search result is not just post. I hoping to see a search function on the forum section where the result are purely on the posts in the forum.

I also bought the book by Mayank Sharma. After going through the book, it seems the community is limit to only 1 level. Is there anyway to form a community from a group of community? (e.g student A joined group Class B that belong to group school C.)

Third, I notice the profile doesn't include birthday and gender, is there anyway we can change the details that we need from the user?

If i'm not wrong, the search profile function is based on tag. Thus the search is only based on 1 criteria which is the keyword that we put in the box. while search by tag can meant as long as the tag appear somewhere in the user profile the user will appear on the list (might return a big group of user), is there anyway to filter the search result?

Lastly, is it possible for group to host event just like the event function on facebook?

  • Btw, why the forum is arranged based on when the post started instead of when the last reply of the post? so far all the forum i visited arrange their post by last reply date.