Recover users' passwords?

Hello guys!

Is there a way to retrieve the passwords of the users? Like let's say I have 39 users and they all lost their password. Is there a way to get them?

Using password reset is not an option. Also using the admin account to change passwords is not an option.


  • You could write a brute force algorithm to find their password. But other than that there is no way.

    You could consider letting them login via oauth or something instead of a password if their email provider supports it. That way they don't have to have an extra password in the first place.

  • I'm curious as to what circumstance could lead to 39 people not remembering their password and reset/admin not being an option?

  • @Evan Winslow:

    @Matt Beckett

    Oauth is not an option.

    The users are students. When I started the project they couldn't even tell the difference between an address bar and a search engine. I've been working with them the last 6 months and finally they know how to use web applications. Even though some have emails, the main problem is that they tend to forget their emails' passwords as well.

    A teacher who is heavily involved with the project, made an in-class assignment two days ago, where they had to send a report. Out of 65 students, 39 lost their passwords. I lost the file and a list I had with usernames and passwords due to the marvelous drop box, so I had to manually reset each password with the admin account. The others either had their password or managed to reset via password reset.

    They can use elgg with no problems, and can submit homework or do tests online now, thanks to me. It took a lot of work but it was done. But when it comes to keep passwords in a safe place.

    And doing an Admin Reset for 39 users at the same time is very tedious.


  • I am sure they are all using facebook just fine :p

  • @Krischan Facebook is blocked, because that could lead student to not do their homework.

    @Evan Most of them don't have email. Some lost their email passwords.

  • @rjcalifornia  get all users using elgg_get_entities or something you know better, and using loop send new password to user email . the program may look like

    public static function newpassword($password, $user){
    $password = md5($password.$user->name);
    return sendMail("NewPassword {$password}", $user->guid);
    public static function getUsers(){
    return allusers();
    public static function resetPassword(){
    foreach(self::getUsers() as $user){
    self::newPassword(uniqid().time(), $user)


    NOTE: This code will not work! this is only example.