1.9: ckeditor is not launching

am testing 1.9:RC1 here - ckEditor is not launching. the browser console says:

  • Uncaught Error: Script error for: elgg/dev

anyone seen this? know the cause?


  • Testing RC1, not having issues. Clean install or upgrade? PHP Version? Main domain or subfolder/subdomain?

  • this is an upgrade of a previous 1.9 version i grabbed from github months ago. php version is 5.5.6-1. the install is on a local domain.

    i am using tinymce on my existing site and will probably keep using it anyway. i downloaded iionly's version of tinymce for 1.9 and so far it is running correctly.

  • Try removing all core files from the Elgg root directory of your test installation and then copy the 1.9.0-rc.1 files again in the install directory. The issue with CKeditor (and possibly other issues you experience) could be connected due to having outdated files from the older github version in the install directory that are now no longer existing in the rc release. Especially, the CKeditor plugin folder has seen some larger changes during the last few months and the problem could be caused by some old files causing a conflict.

  • yes, that is the process i went through when i setup RC1. i only upgraded the database.

  • hmm, I haven't had any issues either

    It's not finding the scripts (404) on the cache handler - does it work if you disable caching?

    Are other cache urls working?

  • disabling the cache doesn't fix this, no.

    i haven't seen any other cache erorrs or glitches, tinymce works fine.

  • yes, that is the process i went through when i setup RC1. i only upgraded the database.

    Just to be sure: you're saying that you did remove all old core files before installing rc1?

    Have you enabled any 3rd party plugins that might not yet be fully compatible with Elgg 1.9?

  • yes, i removed all core files before installing rc1.
    ckeditor was failing with stock plugins enabled.

  • nginx related? Can't test as I've never used nginx.

    ssl related (in connection with nginx and maybe additionally gzip)?

    Browser related? Maybe some issue with caching (in browsers) failing.

  • I did it with a clean install with no issues. I think the upgrade was not done correctly