User testing help urgently needed for my uni project developed with ELGG

Hi people,

I am hoping to get a positive responce from this, as this is my fist attempted website with ELGG, i have two weeks left of uni doing web development and i have been working with the ELGG framework for 6 months now. The problem is i need to user test this website and i am hoping you people will help me. My website i have created with ELGG is

To test this properly i first need testers to perform tasks to make sure they can this is what i need.

1) register

2) create profile.

3) invite a friend.

4) post a sporting topic to the open discussions page.

If you dont do these then just finding them is enough thanks. Any problems please log them to me

Then add any comment or improvements or issues you can think of aswell.

Thankyou if you help, and helping me in my development future.

If you wish you can add me as a freind on here and send me a private message graham13

  • Hey Graham

    I'm have no time to test now, but I quickly looked and saw you are linking to custom pages by:
    You should use a pagehandler in your plugin to have nicer urls (ex.
    It also seems that you have made a mod for each custom page, which looks a bit strange to me to do.

    The other thing I noticed is that the green of your logo is not the same green as you background.
    You could save your logo without a background since it's a PNG and PNG's support transparent backgrounds.

  • Please don't cross-post duplicate threads.  I've deleted the other thread from the technical support group.

  • Apologies for the duplicate posts no harm intented just desperate for feedback for the uni project, it wont happen again. I looked for a user testing group but could not find one and wasnt sure which to post in. Is there a way a user testing group could be set up for anyone that develops anything for elgg i think it would be most valuable for all users????

    @Dries, thankyou for this so far i really apreciate it. I will have a look at the page handler / the way i have created the extra pages too. With me being new to the framework it seemed the easyiest way to create this. But this is why i have brought it to the forum as i know you guys will be able to help me. I had not noticed the logo background again thankyou, thats my fault i uploaded the wrong graphic. doh.

  • Like the design. Feels great and it works without issues.

    Good luck!

  • Thankyou for that rjcalifornia, i really apreciate it.

  • Site looks nice. URLs should be nicer, but I'll take this as a hint that creating pretty URLs is not easy enough for Elgg ATM.

    If you need last-minute user testing you can always use a paid service like or similar. I know I found one before where you could earn credits for testing other's websites and then get free credits to perform tests for your own site from that. So that's nice if you're on a budget.

    One thing I noticed right away is that you're using the placeholders-as-labels antipattern. I recommend against this.

  • @Evan thankyou very much for that, i wasnt aware of the labels as bad practice but i am now so again thankyou, very very helpful. As for the URL's i still need to figure this one out, im such a much greater mind from this forum will be able to solve this straight away. But this is why i was keen to get lots of user testing for this.

    Thanks for the advice on the user testing too. I looked around but most seemed to be paid and as a student cant afford this lol. But i shall now definatly look at what you have shown me. Again thanks

  • better protecxt your upgrade.php script from public!

  • Again thankyou very much for this @Pranjal