anyone excited to team up to create an enhanced video plugin for elgg?

i am beginning the process of creating a new version of 'videolist' for elgg and would appreciate assistance from anyone who can assist me.

features i intend to include:

  • on-server videos - integrated in with external videos (using the file plugin).
  • integration of a media player - currently i am using projekktor - though may possibly switch for stability reasons.
  • support for different sizes of video thumbnails from external sites.
  • support for more external sites than the default videolist support scope.
  • support for playlists (projekktor supports its own approach to youtube style playlists and also supports youtube videos directly, so youtube videos can be played inside your own themed media player).
  • many configuration options for the admin.
  • option: video river entries load as images and are replaced by a media player when clicked.

other features can be added too, however, these are my current list.