activating video seek with projekktor?

i have returned to the projekktor plugin i am coding here and am stuck with how to activate and use the streaming seek feature of projekktor. i have asked on the projekktor forum and the replies there are slow in coming and so far haven't provided the solution. without some kind of correct configuration, the seeking features are disabled. i know that the server needs to be configured to receive a start parameter, to be able to start from a specific point and i also know that without the correct configuration i can only seek videos that are hosted locally.

i have received the advice of activating the mp4 and flv modules in my server's nginx config file, which i have done - as far as i am aware.. yet to no avail.

i was advised to add ?start=30 to the end of the path of the video file that i am viewing, to test the seek functionality - yet when i load that url, the browser only opens an 'open/save' popup box - so that advice is incomplete.
i have asked questions on serverfault, nginx forum, projekktor forum and other places.. so far i have had almost no responses.. :(

anyone got any idea what i am missing?