Elgg web_services message.send failure


We are in the middle of making Elgg the center of our community. Part of this is integrating a mobile app. Cutover is supposed to be this month, however I am having a lot of problems with the web_services.

If I post a message using message.send, I receive the message number by return, however the message does not appear in the users account. I can see within the database that my content has arrived, however no matter whether I send the send_to value as the target users guid or their username, the message is not available to them. I find the documentation to be rather poor, for example stating the the sent_to is text is all well and good, however what value is expected? The guid as text or the username?

There is a similar issue with the messages.inbox, where the limit and offset are ignored when provided.

Can someone please confirm what I should send in the send_to value for the message. Any other pointers regarding the web_services feature would be appreciated.



Chris Hardaker