NT NC how much would it cost?


I started working on a projet a while ago but I dont have qualifications, but i wished it to be released between september and december ( i won't be able to pay before september). Right now I'm just wondering about the cost.

it's a whole thing (many plugins),

It's for a muslim community so it needs extensive moderation (validate private messages, reading freichat's messages -so I can ban the bad users-, ability to ban on ip, ability to check a user as "trustable"-VIP- so no private's message's validation required etc, blocking friendship between men and women). I will choose some women to be moderators and I wished only women moderators to be able to check women's member profiles plus private messages etc. And men moderators to check men member's profile plus private message etc.

It needs a new Islamic theme (draws allowed but I find arabic calligraphy perfect with some pictures). I want the theme to be as beautifull as oxwall. I also need the ability to customize the header for each member.

It also needs some new plugins like to make it as friendly to use as facebook (but i don't want it to be a facebook copy- people doesn't leave facebook to find the same elsewhere) like music database so when one like a music one can choose a cd jacket from the database so the jacket appears on his profile. The same about moovies and books. And some database about schools and mosquees (each music, book, mosquee should be related to a page that we can fill and maybe allow the user to fill). I need to get good youtube integration -don't know if there are free plugins about it-.

I also need privacy. Means that all content should be as easily set "private" or "friends only" as with facebook. I need to allow the user to choose wheither or not he wants to appear within the search module, or if he wants to be found with his mail adress or mobile number. I also need the user to be able to make friend list and to choose who can access a content by setting "allowing this friendlist" with the ability to exept one from the list or to choose one single person without quoting a list.

I at last need security. And this is my real priority. SO all the plugins above should be written properly and if there were some lack of security in elgg then i wished to get some plugin to fix it.

I guess i said all. I think that a plugin is around 30$. So I don't expect thousand dollars projects. Aw I should have begin by that I don't plan spending a thousand euro in it. I really don't know how it could cost. But more than 500€ will definitely won't be for me (i don't have a company, it's a free project). So if there were some interesting free plugin, just tell me so i won't pay for something already available. If this project for that cost is not possible then just tell me too. I don't know what to expect from my poor qualifications and the few euros i'll get soon.


  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but I doubt you'll be able to find anyone qualified for those prices.  Good luck though.

  • Thank you. And what shall I expect for that price?

    Yes I really think I will have to learn elgg and design..

  • Well, I cannot speak for other developers. But for a budget of 500 euro's a quite simple plugin or a modified one. Nothing fancy, nor complex.

  • ok. Thanks. Seems I shouldn't have even think about hiring a webdevelopper. Then do you know all website who sells already made plugins or themes for elgg? Like team webgalli for exemple -they are more affordable for me-.

    maybe oxwall is more affordable cuz of it's cheap plugins after all

  • You could try our store, store.vazco.eu . Please check for Elgg version compatibility before downloading though.

  • You have to understand that the price for an existing plugin (if it's not a free plugin anyway) will of course be much lower than the price you have to pay for a developer who creates a very specific plugin that matches exactly your needs.

    The price of a plugin also depends on the expected number of customers who would likely be interested in buying it. The more general the functionality, the more people will likely buy it resulting in a lower price possible. Again, some plugins are also available for free. It all depends also on the developer. Is he coding plugins mainly (main job even)? Then you can't expect them to be available for free. Others might offer plugins for free as they concentrate more on offering service (maybe not only concentrate on webservices for Elgg only).

    But the price for plugins won't be that much different for Elgg or Oxwall plugins. I would even say that Elgg has a much higher number of plugins avaiable - and very likely more of them for free.

    But this won't help you much if you have very specific requirements like the strictly separation of men and women. I don't think that there will be any existing plugins available for your very specific requirements, neither for Elgg nor Oxwall. Some points you mentioned are already possible with Elgg out of the box, like setting content-item specific access levels. As an admin you would also be able to read any private messages in theory. But as this is normally not something that is seen as "nice" it is not very comfortable to achieve.

    To get all your requirements done would require a professional developer to work on it full time for several months at least. So, you can estimate that it wouldn't be that cheap (surely much more than €500) I'm afraid to say.

    A way to save money is developing things on your own. I don't know how easy or difficult developing your own plugins is with Oxwall compared to Elgg. But I don't expect it to be any way easier than with Elgg. For both frameworks (and maybe Elgg is even easier to handle) you would need some experience. You can also gain experience by simply start coding but of course the development of your own plugins will also take time independently of the need to get accustomed with the Elgg or Oxwall framework (and possibly addionally improving your coding skills).

    You might consider that you don't need all the fancy things you described from the start. For example the music, books and movies functionality within a per-user-theme is something you might add later on. Best would be to set up a test site of Elgg (and maybe Oxwall in parallel) on your own computer. Then you can start looking and testing existing plugins that suit your needs to get a feeling for both platforms when in use. It might also be useful for not trying to find plugins that fit your needs exactly but provide maybe only part of the functionality. It's much easier to modify an existing plugin and add some missing functionality to it instead of developing a plugin from scratch. You would also get easier into coding on your own if you study the code of existing plugins and try to modify them slightly. In the course of time you will be able to achieve more complex coding tasks on your own. Anything you code on your own will save you money and would mean you would have to spend less money if something would be too difficult to manage on your own.

  • Regarding themes, You could try this store, www.perjensen-online.dk

  • thanks a lot @iionly that answer my post here http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1649323/should-i-choose-elgg .

    Actually I didn't mean strict separation between men and women as I wanted and needed them to speak in the river profiles etc. It was just about friendship so i avoid troubles on freichat and private messaging.

    About oxwall I meant that, out of the box, it's really beautifull and close looking of facebook. Easy to post videos etc. and these plugins available on the store are cheap. Yes still need some coding.

    About reading private messages, of course I will warn the visitors on the subscription page. I still am not 100% sure of the way i'll avoid troubles between people. SO it won't change anything as if I can't be sure that it will be used a good way i'll just disallow private messaging.

    Let's forget about moovies and books functionnality. Blocking men's availability to add women as friends is something i already achieved here. But To set it as a separate plugin is something i just can't do. When I read the doc i feel there is some knowledge missing or maybe it's cuz I'm french.

    So if you have any advice about how to improve my coding skills (i know a bit in php and html only) and how to understand elgg better exept by just randomly looking at the core (as i don't get much in there) then i would be so gratefull.

    And I thank you also about seting a test site without the whole functionnalities as maybe i should start with the functionnalities i have already -wich is enough for a buddy looking social network- and then I improve as my coding skills are improved.

    but if u have any advices on what languages to learn before coding with elgg -i heard i should learn javascript and ajax etc that seems too much-  or any 'coding with elgg with only basic php and html knowledge' I would be so greatfull.

    Thanks again

  • @hello

    What you ask involves a lot of work that you can do if you start studying the elgg views system and the elgg docs. Like others said, the funds that you propose are not enough for the amount of work that the developing of these features will take.

    There are a lot of free themes that are very reliable and give an outstanding look. See the themes section of the elgg community. Also, You can browse through our store as well: http://www.swsocialweb.com/shop

  • thanks to all

    i'm checking free template but don't know how to make them look like i wished.

    @iionly about reading messages actually i'm thinking a lot, we know facebook has moderators and robots, such as google and yahoo etc. But there is nothing for elgg. Actually I know we can read it in the database but i want the ability not to read those for "known users" members who subscribed a while ago and behave a proper way. I think that all website owner are responsible about what happens on their website, that's a really hard choice to do, but whatever is done i think something must be done.

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