Move pictures from an album to a different album

I wonder if it is possible to move pictures to a different album. Just in case I want different privacy settings. Or to change privacy for single pictures. 

  • Right now this is not possible. In principle it should be possible to add such a functionality. But it isl not easy to achieve. The image uploads are organized in "batches" (all images you upload at the same time belong to a single batch which in turn also belongs to the album the images were uploaded to). There's also an album index created and maintained with all images of the album (this index is for example used when browsing through the images on an album). If you would now move an image from one album to another the container (= album) entry for this image would have to be updated - this would be the easiest, very trivial part. But in addition you would also have to update all the additional data structures (batches, album index etc.) accordingly. And this would require some work to implement it correctly (in addition to adjust the GUI to allow for moving the image).

    The idea of allowing moving images between albums is surely a very nice one. I will keep it in mind and if I have time I might try to add this functionality to Tidypics. But I can't promise for this to happen soon.

  • Phew! This really sounds like heaps of work. And thank you again for your detailled explanation and your precious time. Maybe you will implement this somewhen in the future. We will know then ;)