Issue in file upload section design


I was going through  elggs functionality. if a user compose a message embeded content. when I click on that it is showing a horrible page there is no design only a form plain page. is this a problem or it is elgg's standard ?

Please see the image


Thanks and regards.


  • It happens because

    1. You have an error in some js files. Look in your browsers console for more details.
    2. The lightbox js failed to load. Can be due to #1.

    To debug : try to send messages after disabling thirdparty plugins (if any).

  • Did you recently install a third party plugin?

  • Yes it was becuase of FreiChatX plugin . there is some code I need to put inside /views/default/page/elements/head.php

    <!-- For uninstalling ME , first remove/comment all FreiChatX related code i.e below code
    Then remove FreiChatX tables frei_session & frei_chat if necessary
    The best/recommended way is using the module for installation -->


    if(isset($_SESSION["guid"])==true) {$ses=$_SESSION["guid"]; } else {$ses=0;}
    function freichatx_get_hash($ses){


    require "/home/public_html/elgg/mod/chat/vendors/freichat/hardcode.php";

    $temp_id = $ses . $uid;

    return md5($temp_id);

    echo "<script>alert('module freichatx says: hardcode.php file not

    return 0;
    ?> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascipt"src="<?php echo $ses;?>&xhash=<?php echo freichatx_get_hash($ses); ?>"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css">


    This was blocking addwidget javascript also!

    I removed this from the head.php .

    Now everything is working fine. but the chat plugin how can I implement this ?


    Thanks and regards.

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