A working Facebook Login for Elgg


I've already tested all the free Facebook Plugins here, and so far most of them only works halfway. None of the plugins I tried were able to pull off the profile pictures as avatar on my Elgg site and only Chetan/Varshney's was able to publish a post on the Fb wall when user signs up successfully. I needed the plugin to work as follows:

- FB Profile Picture to Elgg User Avatar

- Post a "Just joined site" on Fb wall when user signs up

- A simple Pop-up window when clicking on "Sign in with Facebook" so user stays on my page instead of directing them to Facebook to login and redirects back to my page

Anyone who can provide this working FB service, please let me know... Badly need for my project.




  • Free offer. Fix your FB app. A plugin cannot solve your problem, if your app is ill configured

  • Thanks Gerard. May Facebook app is already configured correctly and it's even approved by Facebook, eveything is working smoothly apart from the Facebook Profile picture not being imported to my Elgg site...


    Approved Items


    Provides access to the person's primary email address. This permission is approved by default.
    Provides access to a person's basic information, including first name, last name, profile picture, gender and age range. This permission is approved by default.
    Provides access to a person's list of friends that also use your app. This permission is approved by default.
  • All other field, e.g. Username, Location, About Me description and even facebook Wall post is working... I just cant seem to load the profile picture :(

  • I can't help since I am unable to test on your server. Last time we spoke it was not online yet

  • after a challenging week of investigation, I finally cracked the code... it appears all the Facebook plugin here is NOT coded to handle the redirect rule for the Facebook profile picture link:  'https://graph.facebook.com/"USERID"/picture?

    What's even worse, my server allow_url_fopen is disabled so the file_get_contents function to retrieve the picture from Facebook is not possible.

    Solution: using cURL

    Now, Facebook profile picture is synching perfectly to the Elgg User profile! Sweet!



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