web_services message.inbox limit and offset ignored

I am relaitvely new to ELGG and have the pleasure of migrating our 5000 users from our current abomination into ELGG. Part of this is the development of a mobile App for our users.

I have the 1.8.18 installed, with web_services 1.8 deployed and active. I am able to register, login, retrieve various simple things like profile, however I am stuck on the array methods. Here optional paramters are set to their default value regardless of the provided value. For example, in attempting to retrieve 20 message with an offset of 10 from a store I know to contain 50 messages, I only ever get the most recent 10. Limit is ignored, offset is ignored. It appears that this is applicable to any web_services call that would return an array.

I have gone into the method and remove the "=10" and "=0" from the paramters list and made the parameters mandatory, however this is still ignored. It appears that it is intrinsically hard coded somewhere. Any ideas?



Chris H

  • Can you post some code to gist.github.com so we have a better idea of what you're doing?

  • Also, please don't put Elgg in all caps...

  • Hi,

    If I post code, it will be the code as downloaded from the web. I have tried a few things, however would rather the standard code work, so restored it. I have the latest release of the web_services plugin.

    I send a simple get request to messages.inbox with limit set to 20 and offset set to 10 and I get the most recent 10 messages. The API says that these two parameters are optional, however when they are provided, the result is the same.

    The only thing I have not tried is POSTing the values, however the API says this is a GET request so I am placing these values inline within the called URL.


    Chris H