Site Wide Forum and Other Configurations.

Hello mates, let me start by thanking the dev team. Elgg is great. I have been researching for sometime now a platform to use in developing my choice social network/groupware. I have tested many platforms including the paid ones but I finally chose Elgg as it is the closest to what I need and is not bloated like the other options. There is a current problem I am facing with Elgg. Here I what I will like to do with Elgg.
Create a group network that will focus on discussion,
* Each group will have its admin which I will appoint ---- Elgg got this :)
* each group will have discussion Forum --- Elgg have this but it does not look like a traditional forum
* Site wide forum for General Discussions ---- Not in Elgg core and none of the plugin is currently working on 1.8.* including hyper forum.
* Blog --- Comes with Elgg but I will like to be the only one posting on it so as to make it a sort of Official Blog .
* Show on the activities of the users, friends and group membership in the activity page instead of all the website activities, ability to update status in the activity page.

  • Ok for this answer I would grealty recommend that you check river add on by Per Jensen or river 3c, That way you would make customizations to the activity page including the ability to post from the activity page. Here is the link and then better guide your users on how to create discussions. If you need a full traditional forum then try the fluxbb forum bridge script that was developed by Team Webgalli. It is a commercial product but well worth the money if you truly need a forum.


    Another option would be to use the elgg vanilla bridge but that is hard to configure at times. It is free. As for having you as the only blogger (admin). I am not too sure but would greatly recommend that you set a navigation tab to your official blog and allow your users to blog too. Anyway thats my two cents worth of opinion. Hope it helps

  • Currerntly checking the River addon.

    I just don't like the Idea of third party forum bridge.

    I also don't wan't my members to have personal blogs, I may disable the blog pluging and use blogger instead.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  • You could use the roles plugin to disable blogging to anyone but admins and moderators for example