am getting pissed off | Community users copying our work

this guy  Efraín J. Valentín González is copying all our we are shutting our plugins site and everything we are building to his country.

  • What do you mean exactly ? What plugin site and does it contain open source ? If so, isn't that the whole point that others can re-use the code and change it to their needs. You can use all the plugins on this site and change whatever you want, contribute to the development or spin off your own branch (which is not always a good idea of course) But you can and that is the basic idea of this community and Elgg as a whole.

  • not plugin...i mean content...on my site...not plugin

  • i didnt release that as a plugin....its copyrighted work on my site...and the person copied word for word...including pictures...

    its funny..he just copied question is even how he got the codes i used...i am surprised ...

  • i stated anything not released as opensource is offlimit....even if you need ideas not the entire work...its funny....this guy...

  • Without knowing what your site is and the security that you apply. In principle it is easy to copy content from a site, manual or automatically. Built webcrawlers, or use the RSS view and import it back. If your site has sensitive data, you can protect it in different ways.

    For one create a closed group for sensitive data is one and make sure that content is only available to group members. If all content is sensitive, lock it down (walled garden) in advanced settings and only allow new members with user validation by admin.

  • anyway...i would still go on and release..the remaining plugins we have created

  • Stating that content is copyrighted might legally be sufficient (per country and if applicable by their laws), but a bit hard to enforce if publicly available to everyone on the internet.

  • sooner or later, we are going to need to accept that free is the only successful way to exist. :)

  • gerard thanks..but the aspect of my site copied isnt the elgg aspect...its another aspect...and there we dont use elgg...thanks for your team would solve problem and am keeping close watch...i would still contribe to elgg...its a beautiful guys helped me build something great and the least i can do is give back...

  • @Ura, agreed in principle. But there will alway be exceptions to that