Upgrading Elgg

I want to upgrade my Elgg platform.  I would like to update it to the current stable version of elgg. I'm currently using:

Release - 1.8.15, Version - 2013030600

I am also using Tidypics Photo Gallery 1.8.1beta7.


Can someone help me and walk me through this on what exactley i need to do... My site is growing with users latley but the current tidypics im using is giving the users errors in uploading photos and my site is based off of users photos.  I would hate to crash my site and lose everything... Thanks

    • If you made any changes in Elgg core files you would have to add these changes again after changing the new version (so: better not modify core files and at least keep a detailed list of files you've changed).
    • Backup your database and Elgg install directory. Making a backup of the data directory won't hurt either even though there won't be any modifications done there when upgrading from Elgg 1.8.15 to Elgg 1.8.19.
    • Copy the new Elgg version into your Elgg install directory (or extract the zip file into it). As there were no files removed of Elgg core between 1.8.15 and 1.8.19 there won't remain any files that are now now longer used (in general I prefer to remove all core files before installing a new version - just keeping settings.php and .htaccess - to avoid any outdated/ no longer used files remaining).
    • Check for differences in htaccess_dist between the old and new version of Elgg. In case of 1.8.15 --> 1.8.19 there are none but if there would be any you would have to include these changes into your .htaccess file (or add any changes you made in .htaccess on your own into the new htaccess_dist and then save it as your new .htaccess)-
    • Execute the upgrade: calling http://your.site.url/upgrade.php in your browser or click on the "Upgrade" button on the admin dashboard page in the admin backend after login in. This will execute the upgrade, i.e. updating the database.
    • For the new version of Tidypics I would suggest to remove the old Tidypics folder from the mod directory first before copying the new version into it (avoiding outdated files remaining). The latest version if Tidypics will also make it necessary to run an upgrade script ("Upgrade" button on Tidypics settings page). Another backup of the database before executing this upgrade won't be a bad idea.
    • Check also for updates of other 3rd party plugins and install them if available.
  • Thanks it worked! No issues :)